Cyber Crime Security For Auto Dealerships

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Minimize Disruptions and Maximize Support with Instant Access Remote Support for Your computers..... 
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MANAGED ANTIVIRUS & Cybercrime Prevention

Block all Viruses, Malware and Phishing attacks while being Monitored 24/7 Assuring you, and Your Customers Information is SAFE..... 
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Managed Workstations

Business performance can be affected by downtime, slow running PCs and out-of-date software..... 
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Employee Website-Firewall

Employees can only access work-related Web Sites... All other sites will come up BLOCKED.....  
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À La Carte Services

DealerKnight has created an À la carte Services program that you can take to your existing IT systems enabling you to create new revenues.

An "À la carte" offering allows auto dealers to select individual services that meet the specific needs of your business. Simply work with us to determine your needs and determine what services meet your needs while making sense for your business. This program will help you provide you with a customized solution tailored to meet your needs.

This section includes materials that describe a group of À la carte services; subsequent sections detail the individual services.

Managed Anti-Virus

Managed Anti-Virus is a service-based offering that combines Anti-Virus with the features of the basic license to create an Anti-Virus solution that is managed by us, allowing in addition asset-based reporting of those devices.

Thanks to the competitive licensing cost, and the benefit of a fully integrated solution that allows us to manage all aspects of the Anti-Virus, we can deliver compelling value to our clients and charge less than the majority of existing AV solutions on the market.

Core Desktop

Core Desktop is an offering whereby we can work to manage the overall end-user experience. With the movement of core infrastructure to the cloud, having the ability to increase overall management of an environment will be reliant on the workstation level. End users are increasingly requiring the ability to access their data, anytime, anyplace from any device. This program will ensure their ability to achieve just such needs.

Layered Security

Layered Security is a strategy that embraces a critical need in the marketplace for more advanced security services to prevent and mitigate security breaches and hacking attempts experienced by organizations today.

It is a program offering that aims to protect a dealership's network operations, along with its most sensitive customer and financial data, from a broad range of cyber attacks by utilizing a comprehensive suite of network security software in conjunction with specialty security consulting.

           Target Audience

This program is ideal for all dealerships who have a concern on security, or carry such data as customer information and financial data, and would be severely impacted if they were breached or experienced some sort of cyber attack. The dealership must recognize they need more than just standard AV and patch management services to protect their network and their employees, and they understand that a multi-layered approach comprising various best-in-class security software along with specialty security consulting expertise is needed to reduce their risk.

Due to their high sensitivity to downtime and the costs associated with any network outage or data corruption, our dealerships must be willing to consider the adoption of a layered security solution as they recognize that it is far less expensive to subscribe to just such a program than to deal with the associated costs incurred to recover from a security breach.

Data Backup and Security

Your dealerships Data Backup and Security program is a comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity program designed to protect and quickly restore your customer’s most sensitive business and customer data, in the event of a hardware failure, an act of nature, or malicious cyberattack.

         Target Audience

The auto dealer customers for this program recognizes that using several layers of preventive defenses will protect them from most IT security threats, but understands they could still be vulnerable to hardware failures, acts of nature, and newly emerging malware. Therefore, they are interested in investing in a data backup and security program as a type of insurance measure to ensure their most critical business and customer data is protected and can be quickly and easily restored, with minimal downtime.

Managed Risk and Security

Leveraging N-able Technologies Risk intelligence product, the Managed Compliance solution provides detailed vulnerability and compliance reporting based on regular security scanning on a monthly basis, or on-demand as required. As well the solution will provide guidance on risk value to the dealership through the comprehensive reporting included

         Target Audience

This program is ideal for any dealership that has ongoing compliance and security reporting requirements, such as HIPAA, PCI or SOX, GDPR, etc.

Proactive Support

A proactive program combines a suite of services into a single package that supports a dealership's IT needs. Typically, a proactive program includes remote monitoring, preventative maintenance, and other services that reduce the negative business impact of technology failures. By minimizing both the occurrences and duration of failures, your customer will benefit from a reliable and stable network.

A proactive program is limited in that the scope does not extend to remediation, strictly maintenance and management tasks.
The message to the dealership is that by delivering these services, they will get better value out of the technology, and reduce the negative impact on their business caused by IT failures.

       Target Audience

This program is ideal for dealerships that are critically dependent on their technology for day to day activities, and are looking for a solution that maintains all of their critical systems.

Fully Managed Program

A fully managed program combines a suite of services combined into a single package that supports all the dealership's IT needs.
Typically, a fully managed program includes remote monitoring, preventative maintenance, device optimization, and other services that reduce the negative business impact of technology failures by minimizing both their occurrences and duration resulting in a highly reliable and stable dealership network.

The key characteristic of a fully managed solution is that it typically includes all network, end-user & emergency support, delivering a total IT solution for a fixed monthly price.
Usually, the only exclusions are hardware, upgrades & new products.

A full managed solutions deliver value through operational reliability, reduced business impact, and aligned IT & business goals.


Targeted at dealerships with an existing internal IT department, supplemental solutions differ from other managed services in that they are designed to augment existing IT resources, not replace them.
In order to accomplish this, a supplement solution must be tailored to meet the specific requirements of both the dealership and the IT department itself.
This typically includes a blend of providing access to technologies, such as the Dealer Knight RMM solutions, and services designed to address a specific need.

IT Services Exclusively for Dealerships

  • 1Remote Access & IT Computer Care
    Our in-house Service Desk team is accessible by telephone, email, chat application or our On-Line Service Hub directly from your desktop or phone.
  • 2Anti-Virus, Phishing & Malware Protection
    Number one in the Industry and the first Software driven by Artificially Technology Algorithms.
  • 3Web Site Firewall
    Protects your computers and restricts employee's access to only work-related websites.
  • 4Managed Workstations
    Our Managed Workstation services will ensure that your PCs and laptops are continuously monitored
  • 5The Affordable Alternative
    No other service in the country can compare to our pricing plan and IT service rates, No One.

Protecting Auto Dealerships From Cyber Threats 24 X 7

For over 20 years,
Dealerknight has been providing the countries best IT services to Auto Dealerships.

We monitor your systems day and night to detect and stop viruses, spyware, and malware and protect you, and your customers, from Cyber Crime with our Artificial Intelligence Computer Learning Algorithms. 


Endpoint Detection and Response Systems.