Cyber Crime Security For Auto Dealerships

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Minimize Disruptions and Maximize Support with Instant Access Remote Support for Your computers..... 
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MANAGED ANTIVIRUS & Cybercrime Prevention

Block all Viruses, Malware and Phishing attacks while being Monitored 24/7 Assuring you, and Your Customers Information is SAFE..... 
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Managed Workstations

Business performance can be affected by downtime, slow running PCs and out-of-date software..... 
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Employee Website-Firewall

Employees can only access work-related Web Sites... All other sites will come up BLOCKED.....  
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DEALERKNIGHT N-able is delivering this groundbreaking game-changing automation solution today...........

DEALERKNIGHT Technologies is driving industry innovation with Automation Manager, a next-generation automation solution that combines an industry-first Technician Runbook with Automation Manager, a powerful, state-of-the-art drag-and-drop UI automation engine. DEALERKNIGHT Automation Manager comes as a standard feature with DEALERKNIGHT N-central, the industry’s #1 rated Remote Monitoring and Management Dealership Automation platform.


The DEALERKNIGHT N-able Technician Runbook is offered to DEALERKNIGHT N-able partners to help MSPs standardize internal processes, improve profitability, and dramatically enhance IT service delivery.

The DEALERKNIGHT Runbook is based on DEALERKNIGHT N-able’s extensive work and research with over 2,500 MSPs around the world. By surveying top performing, high growth Partners, DEALERKNIGHT N-able has confirmed and documented best IT practices and processes in the industry’s first-ever Technician Runbook. These processes establish the standard operating procedures and know-how that technicians can follow regardless of experience and knowledge.

The DEALERKNIGHT Technician Runbook provides shorter, easier paths to complete common tasks. In so doing, the DEALERKNIGHT Runbook eliminates an MSP’s vulnerability and dependence on ‘tribal knowledge’ while equipping them with a continuously evolving digital document that is easily updated in real-time. For the first time in the history of Managed Services, the DEALERKNIGHT Runbook provides a mechanistic step-by-step approach for delivering repeatable IT services in a scalable manner based on proven best IT practices.

Four major sections: The DEALERKNIGHT N-able Technician Runbook is an authoritative document comprised of four key sections:

• Assessments – provides information on “how to” and “why conduct” different assessments remotely over a customer’s network over a customer’s network
• Onboarding – key steps required to efficiently and consistently onboard a customer to ensure an MSP has configured their service delivery tools with best industry practices
• Optimization – documenting best practices and day-to-day tasks for a broad range of IT services from onboarding to conducting assessments and reporting
• User cases around reporting – this includes dramatic examples that illustrate different reports that an MSP can easily generate with the DEALERKNIGHT N-central RMM Automation solution to demonstrate value to their SMB customers


IT Services Exclusively for Dealerships

  • 1Remote Access & IT Computer Care
    Our in-house Service Desk team is accessible by telephone, email, chat application or our On-Line Service Hub directly from your desktop or phone.
  • 2Anti-Virus, Phishing & Malware Protection
    Number one in the Industry and the first Software driven by Artificially Technology Algorithms.
  • 3Web Site Firewall
    Protects your computers and restricts employee's access to only work-related websites.
  • 4Managed Workstations
    Our Managed Workstation services will ensure that your PCs and laptops are continuously monitored
  • 5The Affordable Alternative
    No other service in the country can compare to our pricing plan and IT service rates, No One.

Protecting Auto Dealerships From Cyber Threats 24 X 7

For over 20 years,
Dealerknight has been providing the countries best IT services to Auto Dealerships.

We monitor your systems day and night to detect and stop viruses, spyware, and malware and protect you, and your customers, from Cyber Crime with our Artificial Intelligence Computer Learning Algorithms. 


Endpoint Detection and Response Systems.