About Us

We believe your Dealership deserves a more secure computing environment.
And an easier job managing it.

About DealerKnight

Who We Are

DealerKnight makes your network and computers safer.
We believe that you should have easy to use, but robust and effective security tools - that hide complexity without compromising functionality.
You will have a Full Time IT Specialist trained in the repair, service, maintenance, and security working for you.
Just as if you hired an IT Administrator Full Time at your dealership and paid this person accordingly for such a position, and of course supplying a very nice benefits package.

Well, that would be a very nice salary you would be paying. Would it not?
You do not have to.
Your Full Time It Administrator is available to you during a 15-hour workday,
for less than $100 a week, benefits included.


You want professionals who understand your security risks, who are there when you need support, and who care about what we do for you.
You want us to keep working at improving our products and services - so that your job is easier to do.

We proudly do exactly what you expect us to do.  Contact DealerKnight now for information.

There is not another Security and Service program offered to Dealerships in the country like DealerKnight!  -  It Just Doesn't Exist.  -